Vintage Ads: 1964-1967 Ford Mustang – Pick Your Favorite

There was a time when car advertisements touted cars as a way for men to get women, or for a young secretary to impress her co-workers. Nowadays car ads are all the same – they toss around buzz words like “40 mpg,” “innovation,” and “technology.” Simply put, they’re boring, and that’s a shame. With that in mind, we’re starting up a new semi-regular feature dubbed “Vintage Ads, and this week we’re featuring four selected 1964-1967 Ford Mustang ads, courtesy of The Henry Ford.

Ford Mustang Marriage Counselor ad 204x300 image“Mustang Stampede” 1964: This one’s a classic. Not only does Ford take the time to trash its cross-town rivals at Chevrolet in the ad, but it also adds insult to injury by flaunting the Mustang’s status as the “most successful new car ever introduced in America – ever.”

“World’s Fair” 1964: World’s Fair is one of the original Mustang ads. It’s traditional in style, with a long-winded and, well, boring blurb on the new pony car. That said, we can’t argue with the idea of spreading an image of a Mustang coupe across two pages.

“A Youth Movement” 1964: Some things don’t change such as Mustang ads talking about how the car will make you feel young again. This ad shows ’65 Mustangs on a train being fast-tracked to dealerships. The blurb even touts “young ideas” like disc brakes, a three-speed automatic, and even a reversible key. Wowza.

“Marriage Counselor” 1967: It wouldn’t be hard to picture the “Mad Men” developing this ad. It shows an older couple arguing, and proclaims, “Why see a marriage counselor? Get a Select Shift.” According to Ford at the time, a three-speed slushbox with a selectable first and second gear was the ultimate compromise between an automatic and manual transmission in the ’60s.

Which ad is your favorite? Open all four in the gallery below and sound off below.

Source: The Henry Ford

By Christian Seabaugh

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