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Toyota will be holding behind-the-wheel safety events in Torrance, California, Denver, Colorado, and San Antonio, Texas for new drivers as part of its free driving program, Toyota Driving Expectations. Teen drivers with permits or licenses can use the classes, and online resources, to learn about defensive driving skills, accident avoidance, and distracted driving danger, all to help avoid accidents.

The teen driving program starts of its tenth year of supplementing the standard driver’s education to help better prepare inexperienced drivers for the road ahead. Toyota makes sure to involve parents, enabling the teens to develop responsible driving habits, as the program requires a parent or guardian to accompany their teen.

“Safer drivers lead to safer roads, so Toyota is committed to helping educate and empower teens and parents around smart driving choices. Through our safe driving programs, partnerships and online resources, we hope more young drivers will absorb the sobering lessons of distracted driving and learn key skills to keep themselves safe behind the wheel,” said Michael Rouse, Toyota’s vice president of diversity, philanthropy, and community affairs in a statement.

Toyota has also launched teen driving assemblies in high schools and dealerships all over the country. These free safety clinics will be led during this summer by professional drivers to talk about vehicle safety features, defensive driving, as well as vehicle maintenance.

Ford is also offering a teen driving program, Driving Skills for Life, teaching teens the life-endangering risks that teen drivers will face. This program offers courses that address vehicle dynamics, tire dynamics, situational awareness, and has been traveling the states since 2003 as there is no set location for the program.

Mercedes-Benz has formed a teen driving program in 2011, the Teen Driving Academy, based on a UK program that has been offered to teens for years. This program provides both UK and US DMV requirements, creating an integrated curriculum focused on safety and accident avoidance. The program also requires drivers to participate in classroom and online learning, behind-the-wheel training, mandatory supervised practice time, and restricted driving privileges for new drivers.

Source: Toyota, Driving Skills for Life, Automobile Magazine

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