Toyota Camry Still on Top; Accord, Fusion, Altima Battle for Second Place

Despite fewer sales last month compared to the previous year, the Toyota Camry continues its midsize sales dominance in February with 31,270 units sold. Sales of the second place Honda Accord are up significantly from last year, closing the gap a bit, with 27,999 units sold in February. Year-to-date totals place the Camry just over 11,000 units ahead of the Accord. The Accord’s second-place finish is hard fought with just 274 units separating the second place Honda Accord and fourth-place Nissan Altima with the Ford Fusion nearly splitting the difference in third place.

2014 Mazda6 left front 1 300x187 imageWhile the Nissan Altima finished last year in third place, 2013 sales place it behind the Ford Fusion by 1085 units year-to-date. In February, the Chevrolet Malibu slips to sixth place behind the Hyundai Sonata (16,007 units), with 14,817 units sold. While the Toyota Camry was new for the 2012 model year, the Accord, Fusion, Altima, and Malibu were redesigned for the 2013 model year. The Kia Optima held its seventh place spot with 13,195 units sold.

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The Chrysler 200 (11,446 units) climbs two spots to eighth place compared to last month, while the Dodge Avenger (9980 units) slips a spot to ninth place. Combine 200 and Avenger sales, and Chrysler’s midsize presence is ahead of all but the Camry, Accord, Fusion, and Altima. The Volkswagen Passat also slips one spot to 10th place with 7532 units sold. Rounding out the segment are the Subaru Legacy at 3745 units and Mazda6 at 2702 units, placing 11th and 12th, respectively. Once the 2014 Mazda6 starts filling dealer lots, Mazda’s sales may pick up.

Check out the full breakdown in the chart below.

Car February 2013 February 2012 Year-to-Date
Toyota Camry 31,270 34,543 63,167
Honda Accord 27,999 20,702 51,923
Ford Fusion 27,875 21,773 50,274
Nissan Altima 27,725 32,953 49,189
Hyundai Sonata 16,007 17,425 29,254
Chevrolet Malibu 14,817 19,987 30,640
Kia Optima 13,195 11,558 24,447
Chrysler 200 11,446 9717 20,292
Dodge Avenger 9980 6570 19,608
Volkswagen Passat 7532 8189 16,388
Subaru Legacy 3745 3614 6929
Mazda6 2702 5101 4849

Source: The Automakers

By Jason Udy

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