Thread of the Day: What New Car Would You Put in a Time Capsule for 25 Years?

While we have a rough idea of where the automobile is headed, it’s difficult to predict exactly what the automotive landscape will look like in 25 years. Will we all merely be passengers in our autonomous, self-driving cars? Will fossil fuels still power our vehicles? Whatever the case, chances are you won’t be able to buy anything similar to the new vehicles of today in the year 2038. That notion led forum user SickSeries to ask in today’s Thread of the Day, “What new car would you put in a time capsule for 25 years?”

2013 Ford F 150 SVT Raptor front view 300x187 imageThe rules are simple: you can pick any vehicle currently on sale, but you can’t drive it until 2038. Anticipating that increasing emissions and average fuel economy requirements will change the face of performance, many thread posters chose vehicles that you just won’t see again in 25 years, like the Lexus LFA, SRT Viper GTS, Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, and Cadillac CTS-V wagon. Others got more specific – foreseeing the demise of large-displacement engines, manual transmissions, and convertibles – and chose their time capsule car accordingly.

What new car would you lock away for 25 years to save for a rainy day? Tell us in the comments below.

By Alex Nishimoto

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