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Gran Turismo 6 is Coming to PlayStation 3, Demo Announced

Gran Turismo 6 is coming. In celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, Sony today announced its signature racing game Gran Turismo 6 is in development, and will arrive on shelves this holiday season. A playable demo is scheduled to arrive in July. Sony touts Gran Turismo 6 as bringing new levels of realism and authenticity to the sim racing genre. GT6 boasts an entirely new game and physics engine, the latter of which includes a new ...

Quick Play: Previewing Codemasters’ Grid 2

For a long time there were two types of racing video games –the racing simulator, like Gran Turismo, and the arcade-style street racer, like the Need for Speed series. More recently, video game makers have been skirting the line between the two types of racers, seeking to appeal hardcore and casual racers, as evidenced by games like Forza Horizon. For game developer Codemasters, Grid 2 is that game. Grid 2, the follow-up to 2008’s Grid, has ...