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Thread of the Day: FWD Ram ProMaster or RWD Ford Transit Commercial Van?

American vans are getting more European. With the exception of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana, the American-style van with its snub-nose and single roof height is going extinct. The 2014 Ford Transit and recently revealed 2014 Ram ProMaster are the new Euro vans from American automakers, and in this Thread of the Day, we’re asking how the Ram ProMaster’s front-drive drivetrain will affect sales in comparison to the Ford Transit. At first glance, the 2014 ...

Thread of the Day: What Five Vehicles Would Fill Your 1970s-Era Dream Garage?

While the 1970s may be considered by some to be the automotive dark ages, there are still plenty of desirable models from that time period — from the last of the muscle cars to lightweight Japanese sports cars, and European exotics to large American personal luxury coupes. That means that in today’s fantasy garage question, you’re free to include any car you want – just as long as the model-year’s third digit is a seven. Motor ...