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Our Cars: 2013 Ford Focus ST Has the Right Interior Touches

Did you know there’s more to the 2013 Ford Focus ST than brilliant front-drive handling and loud Tangerine Scream paint? The ST development team also made the right moves with the interior. Let’s touch on two cabin features that stand out. First: the steering wheel. This circular chunk of leather, metal, and assorted synthetic materials shares a common design with the plebeian Focus. The toggles and buttons for the sound system, cruise control, voice command, and ...

2013 Shelby Focus ST Quick Drive

When Shelby American President John Luft stopped by Motor Trend headquarters and offered us a quick drive in the production version of the all-new 2013 Shelby Focus ST sporting the complete Shelby kit, we couldn’t say no. Our tester came in Oxford White with the Azure Blue Shelby Competition graphics package – just one of the three graphics package, which also includes Checkered Flag Splash and Shelby Traditional stripes – as well as the optional ...