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Our Weekend With A Ford F-650 Tow Truck

Yes, our title is Automobile, but some of our staffers haven’t outgrown their childhood Tonka Truck phase. That helps explain why, when Ford called and offered up a brand-new 2013 F-650 rollback tow-truck, we immediately said yes – even before we knew exactly what we were going to do with it. Let’s start with the truck itself. As the name suggests, the 2013 F-650 is Ford’s offering in the class 6 medium duty truck market. Its ...

Today In History: 1964 Ford Mustang Debuts

Ford’s millionth Mustang built in Flat Rock announcement isn’t the only bit of Ford sports car history to fall on April 17. For instance, April 17 is when the Ford Mustang first made its public debut some 49 years ago. Ford vice president Lee Iacocca had been lobbying for a “poor man’s Thunderbird” since 1961, but the finished product – the Falcon-based Ford Mustang – didn’t become reality for another three years. After years of hinting ...