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Shelby Tribute Car Show Scheduled For May 11

May 11 marks the first anniversary of Carroll Shelby’s passing – but rather than mourn his loss, you could spend the day celebrating the man’s legacy by spending a day at tribute car show in Gardena, California. “Carroll Shelby changed the course of history and touched millions of lives through his racing, his companies, and his charity,” Randy Richards, president of the Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club chapter, said in a prepared release. “He challenged ...

Feature Flick: Behind The Scenes Of The Rossion Q1

Back in 2007, Noble Automotive ceased production of the M12 and M400. That’s when South African company Rossion stepped in to continue building the specialty sports car under a new name, the Rossion Q1. This week’s episode of The Downshift explores the improvements made to the car over the years, and shows it’s still a potent track weapon. The video begins with Rossion president Ian Grunes explaining how the Q1 came to be. The Rossion team ...