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Top 10 Cars That Could Use a Corvette V-8

General Motors makes a damn good V-8. The company’s small block pushrod V-8s are among the most loved by enthusiasts not only because of the power and reliability they offer, but also because its compact size allows it to squeeze into all but the smallest of engine bays – even engine bays designed to accommodate a four-pot and some electric motors. To celebrate the mighty LS series V-8 as it makes way for the 2014 ...

Motor Trend’s Top 10 Most Popular Web Articles of 2012

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s already that time of year – the time for mistletoe and eleventh-hour overnight shipping; for social gatherings you’d rather not attend, and for family dishes you’ve waited a year to devour. For us, the end of December means reviewing all the work that we’ve produced since the beginning of 2012. To celebrate what’s been a big year at Motor Trend, we’ve gathered our most popular online articles for 2012. The Top ...