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We had a suspicion that an all-new version of the Ford Edge crossover was coming soon. The current Edge is based off of the same platform as the 2012 Fusion sedan, which has been replaced this year with the fashion-forward 2013 model. Now, we have a glimpse at the more stylish 2015 Edge, thanks to Ford itself.

There’s a fair bit to chew over in this presentation, which was apparently given to analysts at Deutsche Bank, but the second-generation Edge caught our eyes. Like the 2013 Fusion, the 2015 Edge wears much more striking and aggressive lines. Prominent is the large hexagonal grille, which incorporates three silver bars, and the creased character line. Large wheels, chrome detailing, and a raked windshield complete what we can see from this small image. While the look isn’t quite as night-and-day as the Fusion’s transformation, the next Edge well be a big departure from the current car’s design. Interestingly, the grille of the 2015 Edge is unlike any other in Ford’s range – we would have expected it to either carry more of the Aston-Martin-esque themes from the 2013 Fusion and 2014 Fiesta or the double-grille treatment of the 2014 Transit Connect and 2013 EcoSport.

Expect the next Ford Edge to once again share most of its powertrain options with the Fusion. There’s little doubt that the 2.0-liter turbo-four will return, but the question remains if the Edge will receive the smaller 2.5- and 1.6-liter engines or the hybrid and plug-in hybrid setups. We wouldn’t be surprised if a six-cylinder option remained, be it the current car’s 3.5- or 3.7-liter V-6 or an EcoBoost turbo-six (since Ford maintains that it’s moving toward an all-turbocharged engine range). Chances are than a six-speed automatic will be the only transmission choice, and that buyers will be able to have either front- or all-wheel drive.

The current Edge (pictured below) made its debut in 2007 as a rival to the Nissan Murano, and received a major facelift (including the much-maligned MyFord Touch system) in 2011.

The 2015 Edge wasn’t the only gem in Ford’s presentation: it also indicated that there are three more models coming from its midsize C/D platform. According to the slide, there will at least seven models – the first four are the Fusion/Mondeo, Fusion Energi PHEV, Mondeo wagon, and Mondeo hatchback. One of those models is surely the new Edge; the other two Ford-badge models are most likely the next-generation Galaxy and S-Max people movers for Europe, which are due soon.

Source: Ford

By Donny Nordlicht

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