Nissan Versa Obliterates Subcompact Sales Competition in 2012, Sonic and Accent on Podium

When it comes to subcompact and minicar sales, the Nissan Versa has no competition. In 2012, the Versa again took first place in the subcompact and minicar sales race. Only the Versa, currently offered as a redesigned sedan and an outgoing four-door hatchback, broke the 100,000-unit sales barrier in 2012, and was followed by the Chevrolet Sonic and Hyundai Accent.

The Fiat 500 may attract a subcompact consumer willing to pay a little more for style, but it had a relatively strong year, with 43,772 units sold. With a base price in line with mid-level trims of other subcompacts, the Fiat 500 outsold cars like the Kia Rio and Toyota Yaris in 2012.

2013 Chevrolet Spark side view 300x187 imageAs for the Chevrolet Spark, the ultra-small four-door hatchback had a late start in 2012 but may prove to be more of a threat in 2013. The same is true for the Ford Fiesta — the refreshed 2014 model goes on sale later this year and could help give it a boost to pass the Hyundai Accent for third place. Solidly in second place behind the segment-leading Nissan Versa is the Chevrolet Sonic.

Even when combining Chevrolet Spark and Sonic sales, the two GM cars fall short of the Versa’s dominance. Will the same be true for the 2013 calendar year? We’ll be watching the subcompact and minicar sales race to find out.

Source: The automakers

Vehicle  December 2012 All of 2012
Nissan Versa 10,618 113,327
Chevrolet Sonic 5990 81,247
Hyundai Accent 2933 61,004
Ford Fiesta 5612 56,775
Honda Fit 3680 49,346
Fiat 500 3707 43,772
Kia Rio 2343 40,275
Toyota Yaris 1999 30,590
Mazda2 2967 19,315
Chevrolet Spark 2229 12,385
Smart Fortwo 996 10,009
Scion iQ 576 8,879

By Zach Gale

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