Ford Atlas Concept Sketch

Making its debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the Ford Atlas Concept turned heads. Designers of the Ford Atlas Concept understood the need for purpose-built options for inspiration, balancing style and function. The concept went through many versions, making sure there was a purpose for every element of the vehicle, as well as keeping the toughness of the truck in the overall design.

An extended windshield was on an early sketch, stretching onto the roof to create a moonroof feel without losing a durable surface for extra cargo. This design was later dropped in favor of a more practical roof.

To create more storage space for potential customers, designers tried to open the hallowed space in the tailgate walls. This could potentially be used for a tool set and first aid kit. However, instead of this storage compartment, Ford’s designers decided to go with a cargo cradle from the tailgate step to help secure cargo that needed to remain level.

The wheels were the next step. As fuel efficiency is so critical, it came down to simple aerodynamics. The initial thought was to have complete surface wheels, and although that design was practical, it wasn’t a good fit for the concept. Active Wheel Shutters were the solution to the practicality and design elements. Said shutters automatically hide to increase the style while the truck is parked or traveling at low speeds, but when up to highway speeds, the shutters will close, improving aerodynamics.

Because work doesn’t always go from nine to five, Ford wanted a vehicle that could match the needs of the customer who started work when the sun came up and finished well into the night. Lighting options were mulled over, and designers settled on lights from within the bed of the truck that would help to illuminate the cargo inside.

From start to finish, Ford’s team of designers thought of everything that could possibly be needed for the working customer who would value from the innovation the Atlas has to offer. What we get is the new Ford Atlas concept, which will be a hit when it hits showroom floors.

Source: Ford

Source: Ford

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