Honda CR-V Untouchable in 2012 Compact Crossover Sales, Ford Escape 20,000 Units Behind

Things heated up between the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape a couple months ago, as the compact crossovers battled for year-to-date sales supremacy. Now that the dust has settled, we can see that the CR-V dominated the segment with 281,652 units sold. The Escape was about 20,000 units behind, but we’ll be interested in seeing how the new 2013 Toyota RAV4 shakes up the segment.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Equinox was third best-selling CUV in 2012 with 218,621 sold, finishing way ahead of the fourth-place Toyota RAV4, which went home to 171,877 new owners. The Nissan Rogue settled for the fifth spot, ringing in a total of 142,349 sold for the entire year. The GMC Terrain finished mid-pack with 97,786 copies sold, while 76,347 Subaru Foresters were sold in 2012. Combine Terrain and Equinox sales and GM passes the Escape and CR-V at the top.

Rounding out the last of the top 10 best-sellers are the Jeep Patriot (62,010 sold), Hyundai Tucson (48,878 units), and the Mazda CX-5 with 43,319 sold. Crossovers that didn’t quite make the cut for the top 10 best-selling in the segment include the Jeep Compass, which outsold the Kia Sportage by about 4000 units (40,235 Compasses versus 36,357 Sportages), and the Volkswagen Tiguan with 31,731 sold in 2012.

Source: The automakers

Crossover December 2012 December 2011 Year-to-Date
Honda CR-V 25,733 21,586 281,652
Ford Escape 20,131 25,574 261,008
Chevrolet Equinox 19,551 18,195 218,621
Toyota RAV4 14,351 14,107 171,877
Nissan Rogue 11,488 12,286 142,349
GMC Terrain 11,516 7724 97,786
Subaru Forester 8764 8601 76,347
Jeep Patriot 4566 4400 62,010
Hyundai Tucson 3745 4458 48,878
Mazda CX-5 5956 N/A 43,319
Jeep Compass 3131 4255 40,235
Kia Sportage 1696 3617 36,357
Volkswagen Tiguan 3310 2403 31,731

By Karla Sanchez

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