Honda Civic Leads May Compact Sales, Elantra Drops Two Spots

Sales of the Honda Civic continue to climb since its 2013 refresh, with the compact hanging on to the first-place finish it earned in April. Though the Hyundai Elantra came in second place behind the Civic a month prior, the Korean compact slipped two spots behind the Toyota Corolla and Ford Fusion in May.

Honda sold 30,268 Civics last month, beating all of its competitors by a wide margin. Although those sales represent a 9.6-percent year-over-year decrease, year-to-date sales are down 4.5 percent. With 27,997 units sold, whe Toyota Corolla/Matrix climbed to second place, with the Focus right behind at 27,186 units sold. Although the Elantra is down two spots from April, with 25,090 units sold last month, for a solid fourth place finish.

While the gap between the Focus and Chevrolet Cruze widened in May, the compact bow-tie remained in fifth place with 23,055 units sold. The Volkswagen Jetta/Sportwagen (15,910) and Nissan Sentra (12,504) held onto their distant sixth- and seventh-place spots, respectively. Although the Mazda3 (8935) is among the oldest of the bunch, it moved up one spot outselling the all-new Dodge Dart (7448).

The redesigned Kia Forte (7177) and outgoing Subaru Impreza/WRX (7048) swapped spots last month, with the Volkswagen Golf lineup rounding out the segment with 3052 units sold.

Check out the full sales breakdown in the chart below.

May 2013 May 2012 Year-to-Date
Honda Civic 30,268 33,490 128,980
Toyota Corolla/Matrix 27,997 31,847 132,514
Ford Focus 27,186 24,769 111,641
Hyundai Elantra 25,090 18,877 104,081
Chevrolet Cruze 23,055 19,613 100,818
Volkswagen Jetta/Sportwagen 15,910 15,175 66,483
Nissan Sentra 12,504 7600 56,240
Mazda3 8935 8474 45,135
Dodge Dart 7448 1/1341 (Dodge Caliber) 38,512
Kia Forte 7177 7782 27,731
Subaru Impreza/WRX 7048 8311 32,199
Volkswagen Golf/GTI 3052 3878 14,182

Source: The Automakers

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