Honda Accord is April’s Top-Selling Midsize Sedan

Honda sold 33,538 Accords last month, putting it in first place in the midsize car segment. And for the second month in a row, the Toyota Camry has been relegated to the number-two spot, with 31,710 units sold. The Ford Fusion (26,722 copies sold) stays put in third place.

The Nissan Altima finished the month with 21,991 units sold, putting it in fourth place — a sharp drop from its first-place ranking during March when more than 37,700 copies were sold. Following the Altima is the Chevrolet Malibu and Hyundai Sonata with 21,734 and 16,077 units sold, respectively. The Kia Optima (14,678 sold) moves up a spot in the rankings to seventh place, pushing the Chrysler 200 down to eighth with 12,492 sold.

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The Dodge Avenger finished in ninth place with 10,698 units sold. And rounding off the list are the Volkswagen Passat, Subaru Legacy, and Mazda6 with 9069, 3286, and 2933 units sold, respectively.

Car April 2013 April 2012 Year-to-Date
Honda Accord 33,538 35,385 121,965
Toyota Camry 31,710 36,820 132,540
Ford Fusion 26,722 21,610 107,280
Nissan Altima 21,991 16,239 108,943
Chevrolet Malibu 21,734 21,906 70,913
Hyundai Sonata 16,077 20,521 63,362
Kia Optima 14,678 11,021 53,491
Chrysler 200 12,492 13,343 49,377
Dodge Avenger 10,698 11,147 42,745
Volkswagen Passat 9069 10,096 34,978
Subaru Legacy 3286 3799 14,615
Mazda6 2933 3780 13,884

Source: The Automakers

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