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This year, Ford looks to add 200,000 vehicles worth of capacity to its 9 to 5 work shifts, as well as produce an additional 40,000 units by keeping select plants open an extra week during the company’s traditional two-week summer shutdown schedule.

The plants that will be producing the extra 200,000 units will be Chicago Assembly Plant, Flat Rock Assembly Plant, and the Kansas City Assembly Plant. Ford will also be increasing production on some of its best-selling vehicles including the Explorer, Fusion, and F-Series trucks.

“To meet surging customer demand for our top-selling cars, utilities, and trucks, we are continuing to run our North American facilities at full manned capacity, and we will add 200,000 units of annual straight-time capacity this year,” said Jim Tetreault, vice president of North America Manufacturing, in a statement. ”Approximately 75 percent of our plants are running at a three-crew, three-shift or four-crew pattern in order to ensure we’re getting more of our products into dealerships.”

Ford will be performing model-year changeover work, as well as routine maintenance, at Dearborn Truck Plant, Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Kansas City Assembly Plant, Louisville Assembly Plant, and Ohio Assembly Plants. This marks the second year that the automaker has had to keep plants open longer to meet rising demand for its products.

Nearly 3,500 jobs will be added, and the company has hired more than 8,000 salaried and hourly employees in the U.S. to help with the increase in demand. The increase in production has been assumed in the financial guidance that was reconfirmed during the first quarter earnings report on April 24.

Source: Ford

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