The Ford Fusion is an impressive car in any of its many trim levels and models, but we think one of the best is the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid. The new car has just made its way back from the EPA, and the estimated numbers are out of this world. The Fusion Energi boasts an EPA-rated fuel economy of 108 MPGe in the city and 92 MPGe on the highway for a combined rating of 100 MPGe. For those keeping count, that is 5 better than the Prius plug-in hybrid. This stellar fuel economy also gives the Fusion Energi an outrageous 620 mile range. That means that a full tank and charged battery can get you from Sacramento to San Diego on one tank, and that is on the scenic Highway 101. That range means that a two day trip from Miami to NYC could be done with two tanks of gas.

A huge portion of that fuel economy is thanks to the Fusion Energi’s ability to travel up to 21 miles on pure electric power. That is almost triple the range of the plug-in hybrids from Toyota and Honda. The Energi also possesses an electric-only top speed of 85 mph. The Prius plug-in only manages 62 mph, a full 23 mph slower, and less than the interstate speed limit. The Fusion Energi is so impressive thanks to Ford’s extensive experience with alternative propulsion. The Energi benefits from 20 years of Ford research and development that has resulted in nearly 500 hybrid technology patents. The Energi’s powersplit technology alone comprises more than 200 patents.

Some of the many features that help the Ford Fusion Energi reach its maximum potential are: Eco Cruise – This helps to conserve fuel by relaxing the acceleration programming when compared to the standard cruise control mode EV mode button – This switch is mounted on the console, just to the right of the shifter, and it allows the driver to select between three different driving modes. The three modes are all-electric, normal hybrid and conserve. Conserve mode holds battery power and uses the motor to drive the car.

This is a great option for owners who have a long highway commute before they enter town. Regenerative braking – This system is capable of gathering more than 95-percent of the energy usually lost during braking and can transfer that power to the batteries. Hybrid transmission – The transmission was specially designed in-house by Ford to operate a high speeds while providing a smooth feel and excellent fuel efficiency. Advanced lithium-ion batteries – Every vehicle in Ford’s electrified line-up uses these advanced lithium batteries.

They feature an 8-year/100,000 mile component limited warranty, and are much smaller and lighter than the older style nickel-metal-hydride batteries other automakers still use. Charge port with LED light ring – The charging port for the Fusion Energi is located on the front fender in front of the door. This location makes it closer to potential power sources, and makes it easier to charge the vehicle’s batteries. The LED light ring is also very visible and serves as an indicator for charging status.

By Christian Moe

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