Ford Fiesta ST RallyCross Car, Ken Block-Modified Focus TrackSTer Debuts in Chicago

Show floor update: Although the TrackSTer won’t be available to the masses, enthusiasts can outfit their Focus STs to look similar to Ken Block’s blue pocket rocket you see below. We talked to fifteen52′s Brad Beardow, who estimated making a TrackSTer of your own would cost about $75,000 on top of the price for a Focus ST.” Yikes. There’s a much cheaper route, though. Beardow said some of the parts seen on the TrackSTer, such as the front splitter, brake scoops, and air ducts will be available in about two to three months. 

Ford Fiesta ST GRC front end 300x187 imageThe Chicago Auto Show is traditionally one of the smaller and colder auto shows on the circuit, and Ford is capitalizing with some small, but hot hatchbacks. Ford has just announced that its factory-backed Global RallyCross Championship Fiesta ST race car and the Ken Block-designed Focus TrackSTer will debut this week in Chicago.

Many rally enthusiasts were left wondering why when Ford announced it was withdrawing full-support from the World Rally Championship late last year. With the Ford Fiesta ST GRC, we’ve got our answer – Ford will now be putting all of its eggs in the Global RallyCross basket. Built by Swedish race car builders OlsbergMSE with support from Ford Racing, the Fiesta ST GRC will help spearhead the launch of the street-going Fiesta ST.

The OlsbergMSE Fiesta ST GRC cars will be raced by some famous faces, including Top Gear U.S. host and two-time Global RallyCross champion Tanner Foust, and X-Games RallyCross championship Brian Deegan. Ken Block will also be racing a Fiesta ST in the Global RallyCross as part of the Hoonigan Racing Division (car shown above).

Ford Focus TrackSTer front three quarters 300x187 imageSpeaking of Block, one of his Project ST Focus STs will be unveiled in Chicago. Called the Focus TrackSTer, the custom hot hatch was built by Los Angeles-based tuners Fifteen52 to feel just as at home on a road course as on the street. The Focus TrackSTer’s modifications include  Mountune-built pieces like the  engine (including forged rods and pistons), intercooler, and tune, Ford Racing pieces like a short-throw shifter and performance exhaust, and bits from the Focus ST-R race car, including its Quaife limited-slip differential, Centerforce clutch, and StopTech four-piston front brakes. The car’s fender flares come courtesy of a Chinese Touring Car Championship Focus.

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Source: Ford, Fifteen52, Ken Block via Facebook

By Christian Seabaugh

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