Ford F-150 Raptor Replaces Hummer As Most-Licensed Truck Brand With Toy, Game Makers

The Ford F-150 Raptor may be one of the most sought-after big-boy toys, but it’s proving to be just as strong a performer in the toy aisle at retailers and game developers, as well. Whether you’re a toddler or teen, gamer or hands-on toy enthusiast, the Raptor has brought success to many of the companies that have licensed the popular performance truck from Ford. Hummer-branded toys used to be the hot item, but Ford’s bird of prey has snatched the popularity prize from GM’s former desert stormer.

Among the companies that have licensed the Raptor are Mattel, for its Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands, Fisher-Price for its Power Wheels brand of ride-on electric toy trucks, Electronic Arts “Need for Speed” and Microsoft’s Forza 4.

And although the Raptor is a uniquely North American product, companies from across the globe including Canada, Germany, Japan, China and Brazil have licensed the rights to the name and design for their toys or products, highlighting the global appeal of the Raptor’s tough, aggressive style.

The Power Wheels Raptor has become one of Wal Mart’s best-selling toys since its introduction in 2011. Sales of the Raptor for 2012 are up more than 20 percent over last year.

Source: Ford

By Edward A. Sanchez

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