Carbon Motors E7 Diesel Cop Car Has 24,442 Reservations, $149,950 TX7 Van Launches in 2013

While we await the Carbon Motors E7 cop car’s arrival, the company has released details on its upcoming TX7 van, a $149,950 diesel V-8 powered specialty vehicle made for law enforcement agencies that might otherwise consider more expensive alternatives. While we have yet to see or test any vehicle from Carbon Motors, production of both vehicles is said to start by the end of next year.

The E7 sedan, which boasts a number of drool-worthy features like its Lotus-derived aluminum spaceframe, suicide rear doors, and a BMW-sourced turbodiesel engine, was expected to be a cop favorite among the crop of new police vehicles replacing fleets that mostly consist of the long-running but robust Ford Crown Vics. So far, Carbon Motors says it has received 24,442 E7 reservations from 638 law 2013 Carbon Motors TX7 front three quarters 300x187 imageenforcement agencies, with TX7 van production starting “in late 2013 ahead of full-scale production of the Carbon E7.” And the agencies that have already reserved the E7 will be offered “special TX7 pricing.”

Should the TX7 actually reach production, here’s what those agencies will get. The Carbon TX7 will be powered by a V-8 diesel driving all four wheels via a six-speed automatic (power figures aren’t available) and a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powertrain is under consideration. Tech features for the 10-passenger van include a number of sensors that will reportedly detect weapons of mass destruction, from chemical and biological agents to radiation.

While not as attractive as the E7 sedan, the TX7 looks ready for battle. Styling consists of sharp, angular lines, requisite LED blue and red light bars, and beefy tires. Pricing starts at $149,950 and is aimed at agencies looking for a less expensive alternative to vehicles that can help with disaster management, search and rescue, warrant service, and perimeter security.

Share your thoughts on the new TX7 below. Will the intriguing E7 remain nothing more than vaporware or will it make it to production? Learn more about the new Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge police cars from our own testing and comparison right here.

Source: Carbon Motors

By Erick Ayapana

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