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2015 GM Vehicles to Add 4G LTE, Ford to Offer Spotify Integration

Ford and GM seem to be locked in a fight to make sure no driver or passenger will be without a high-speed internet connection and lots of streaming music: while Ford was announcing its cars will soon integrate Spotify streaming music integration, General Motors announced a deal with AT&T to bring 4G LTE connectivity to its new cars. Ford’s no stranger to streaming audio and music: its Sync AppLink system already connects to smartphones to play ...

Tanner Foust tackles ‘Ring in SVT Raptor

Here's a math problem: if Tanner Foust has a 24 hours to kill in Germany and one blue Ford Raptor, how long will it take him to decide he wants to lap The Nürburgring? Extra credit if you can get your answer precise to the millisecond. A very truck-like and slidey lap of the 'Ring is exactly what happened when the Ford-sponsored rallycross driver took time off from set-up duties for his 'day job.' Thankfully no ...