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2013 Ford Mustang V6

Secretary Trim, Evolved There was a time not so long ago when opting for a base Ford Mustang meant getting little more than some sheetmetal, an anemic four-cylinder engine and what may very well have been the world's most disappointing automatic transmission. During the Fox Body years, Ford seemed hell-bent on living up to Carroll Shelby's derogatory description of the coupe as little more than a runabout for demure office assistants, and the result was a ...

2011 Ford F-150 Tossed 100 Feet During EF-5 Tornado in Oklahoma with People Inside, All Survive

Last week’s EF-5 tornado that ravaged El Reno, Oklahoma was one of the worst of its kind to ever touch down on planet Earth. It stretched a record 2.6 miles wide and had winds recorded as high as 296 mph. To put that into perspective, the strongest tornado ever recorded had winds touching 302 mph back in 1999. This time around, this ...