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KBB 2013 Brand Image Awards has some obvious and oddball winners

The sixth edition of the Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards have crowned a wide range of winners – in a couple of cases the recipient of the laurels might say more about KBB users than they do about the actual winner. Compiled from the responses of more than 12,000 shoppers on over the past year, there are 13 categories broken into non-luxury, luxury and truck segments 'representing the combined wisdom of the American ...

Week in Review: Spied Cars, Old Cars, New Cars, and Good Engines

We began this month on a high note, seeing May 2013′s sales at some of the best numbers they’ve been in a long time. Despite cars getting more complicated and expensive, the buying public is chugging away at dealerships, continuing to buy compact and midsize cars that can stretch into the $20,000 to $30,000 range easily. Trucks are also hitting their stride. ...