Archives for August 26th, 2013

Ford Focus vs. Toyota Corolla: Which One is Sales Champ?

Both Toyota and Ford claim to have the world’s top-selling car for the second time in seven months, and once again demonstrate that claiming that title isn’t as simple as just counting cars. Yesterday Ford claimed its Focus was the leading car with 1.02 cars sold, according to data compiled by R.L. Polk & Co.; that same data claimed Toyota sold 872,774 ...

2015 Ford F-150 spied in the rain

Standing as quite a contrast from the spy shots of the 2015 Ford Mustang we saw earlier today, our spies also sent along these pictures of the next-generation F-150 pickup out testing in its (heavily camouflaged) full prototype body. Much of the new truck's design is hidden under the bulky coveralls, but we expect a lot of its new lines to be inspired by the Atlas concept that debuted at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Perhaps ...

General Motors and Ford Jointly Developing 9- and 10-Speed Automatic Transmissions

Long having lagged behind the foreign competition in transmission gear count, it was a big deal when General Motors and Ford announced their first partnership to develop a six-speed automatic transmission together in the mid-2000s. Alas, technology rarely stays still, and General Motors and Ford have once again partnered up to develop automatic transmissions with one another, this time nine- and 10-speed automatics ...