Archives for August 10th, 2013

Ford Has Three Best Selling Vehicles In The World

What is the best selling vehicle in the world? Is it the Ford F-Series? No, it happens to be in third place with 785,630 vehicles sold last year according to registration data from R.L. Polk. What about the Toyota Camry? Not that either, it happens to be in fifth place with 729,793 vehicles. So who is number one? Its the Ford Focus with 1,020,410 vehicles sold, beating the Toyota Corolla by 147,636 vehicles. So how did the ...

Shelby Mustang stars with Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez in Getaway movie

Car movies. We keep watching them, they keep making them. Despite Fast & Furious 6 still blowing up the box office (No. 1 in theaters for the second straight week) and production on Transformers 4 being well underway (check out the Bugatti Veyron and Corvette Stingray as new cast members), there's still room on the marquee for more car movies. Next one up is an Ethan Hawke joint called Getaway, which prominently co-stars a Ford ...

Ford Sustainability Report Details Major CO2 Cuts

Successful efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are a notable highlight of Ford’s 14th annual sustainability report, which looks at Blue Oval “initiatives to address social, economic and environmental issues” across the globe. For example: In the United States, in line with a program from the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Ford facilities have reduced their CO2 emissions by 10 percent per vehicle in the period from 2002 to 2012. Globally, Ford facilities have achieved a 37 percent per-vehicle ...