Archives for July 27th, 2013

EPA to Hold Hearings Ahead of Plans to Lower Sulfur Emissions from Gasoline [Updated]

You thought raising Corporate Average Fuel Economy numbers to 54.5 mpg would be the end of the cleaning up cars, at least until 2025. You were wrong. The EPA is going to start holding hearings tomorrow and continue them on April 29 for a proposed Tier 3 emissions revision on the sulfur content of gasoline. The EPA says that the program could go ...

2013 Ford Hybrid Sales Need Only Five Months to Break 2010 Record

At Ford, hybrids are apparently becoming a pretty big thing. In 2010 with the help of the previous-generation Ford Fusion Hybrid, Escape Hybrid, Mercury versions, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the automaker sold 35,496 hybrids, setting a record for the company. But just five months into 2013, Ford has already surpassed that record-breaking year. While final numbers aren’t in quite yet, Ford is ...

Video: America’s Best-Selling Ford F-150 Gets a Very British Review

Perspectives are a very splendid thing. Especially when it comes to a meat n’ potatoes top-seller like the Ford F-150. A little while back when we drove the 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat with EcoBoost, we were taken by its luxury and utility. But as we observed, the only things “Eco” about the popular pickup were the name of its V-6 engine, and ...