Archives for June 14th, 2013

One-off 2013 Shelby GT500 Cobra raises $200k for charity at Barrett-Jackson [w/video]

You can count on the fact that there will be plenty of tributes to the late Carroll Shelby over the next several months and years – most of them taking the vehicular shape of the Ford Mustang, we'd wager. The one you see above was created by a group called Friends of Carroll and was unveiled by Edsel Ford II, Ford marketing VP Jim Farley and Shelby American President John Luft at the 2012 Rolex ...

Get Personal with the Motor Trend Video Hosts on New Wide Open Throttle

We can always depend on Motor Trend readers and viewers to ask good questions about the cars we feature in the magazine, website, and on our video channel. Some of you want to take it a step further and get the personal 411 on our hosts, and that’s exactly what’s featured in the latest Wide Open Throttle video. Many viewers want to know how our hosts landed their gigs. Almost all of them said a bit ...