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Todd Lassa: 2012 Year In Review

Favorite Road/Favorite Photoshoot: My favorite road of 2012 isn’t a road. It is a track. At sunup one late September morning, I was standing on the front-straight of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Wes Allison set up his camera to shoot the Speedway museum’s freshly restored 1966 Ford GT Mark II for a Motor Trend Classic cover feature. An hour later, the IMS’s restorer gave taxi rides around the 2.5-mile oval to myself and ...

President Obama Calls for $2 Billion Allocated to Alternative Fuel Research

It’s a little difficult to talk about new projects when your country is $17 trillion in debt, but President Barack Obama has asked Congress to set aside $2 billion for alternative fuel research. Extending his “All of the Above” strategy, today Obama said he wants the U.S. to use monies earned from royalties that oil companies pay to explore to help develop ...