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A Focused Deal: 2013 Ford Focus Electric Leases Include $10,750 in Cash Back

The 2013 Ford Focus Electric is joining the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt in offering substantial incentives — it appears consumer interest has yet to catch up with the technology advances in alternative-powertrain cars. Through the beginning of April, Ford is offering $10,750 cash back on leased electric Focuses in certain areas, not too different from the 2012 Nissan Leaf incentives we reported on late last year. A 36-month lease on a 2013 Ford Focus Electric ...

Sales Success: Ford Explorer Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary Today

Twenty three years ago today, the Ford Explorer hit the market as a 1991 model and it instantly became a success story. Although it wasn’t the first SUV inexpensive SUV, the Explorer blended truck capability and comfortable family car qualities into one vehicle. As the Ford Explorer celebrates its 23rd anniversary, we’re recapping the highlights from then until now. Replacing the Bronco, the first Explorer in 1991 debuted as a two- or four-door, and it ...