2012 Compact Sales: Honda Civic Leads, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus on Podium

The Honda Civic overtook the Toyota Corolla to become the best-selling compact in 2012, while the Ford Focus came in third place – up from its 2011 sixth-place finish. While the Chevrolet Cruze was the best-selling in the segment for several months early in 2012, the compact sedan finished fourth overall.

2013 Ford Focus left front 300x187 imageHonda sold 317,909 Civics in 2012 – an increase of nearly 97,000 units from 2011 – which was enough for it to take compact sales crown. Although Toyota sold 50,688 more Corollas in 2012 than it did the previous year, it was only good enough for second place. Sales of the Ford Focus increased from 175,717 units in 2011 to 245,922 units last year, while the Chevrolet Cruze slipped from second place in 2011 to fourth place in 2012 (237,758 units).

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The Hyundai Elantra, Volkswagen Jetta, Mazda3, and Nissan Sentra held steady behind the class sales leaders. The Elantra and Mazda3 saw noticeable sales increases in 2012, but Jetta and Sentra sales decreased 6936 and 8596 units, respectively.

The Subaru Impreza and Kia Forte swapped places from 2011 to 2012, though the redesigned Forte may change that. Combined sales of the outgoing Dodge Caliber and all-new Dart placed the Chrysler Group compact in eleventh place, though the Dart outsold the Forte by 1829 units in December.

Car December 2012 December 2011 2012 2011
Honda Civic 33,118 20,545 317,909 221,235
Toyota Corolla 24,679 21,009 290,947 240,259
Ford Focus 22,604 14,281 245,922 175,717
Chevrolet Cruze 21,230 16,675 237,758 231,732
Hyundai Elantra 19,024 13,025 202,034 186,361
Volkswagen Jetta 15,661 14,422 170,424 177,360
Mazda3 10,297 9264 123,361 102,417
Nissan Sentra 7755 8710 106,395 114,991
Subaru Impreza/WRX 7505 6721 81,799 41,196
Kia Forte 4276 4730 75,681 76,295
Dodge Dart/Caliber 6105/31 0/1417 25,303/10,176 0/35,049

Source: The automakers

By Jason Udy

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